Full Time
Petoskey, MI
Salary based on experience.  Starting at $30,000.


  • Develop websites powered by custom content management system and open-source frameworks.
  • Work with a team of designers, developers, and system administrators to successfully launch websites.
  • Solve complex problems related to front-end web development and provide accurate estimates and scope for team deliverables.
  • Maintain and expand our existing client websites by implementing change requests and working with them on bug fixes.
  • Help us improve our development standards and processes.
  • Stay up to date on current and future CSS3+ specifications (e.g. flexbox) and make recommendations on when they are appropriate to use.

Ideal Candidate

  • A few years of experience with front-end web technologies (i.e. HTML/CSS/JavaScript).
  • Great communication skills
  • Multitasks and handles several ongoing projects at once
  • Enjoys tackling interesting problems
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and experience with JQuery (Bonus)
  • Mobile website development experience (Bonus)

About Us

  • Have been building websites since 1997 (helloooo Netscape!), with over 30 years of collective design and development experience.
  • Designed and developed a custom CMS that hosts over 100 websites and handles more than 750,000 pageviews per month.
  • Want to hire amazing people so we're thorough.


Please email dylan@sngm.me your answers to these questions along with your portfolio, education, employment history and three references.

  1. What is the "Box Model" in CSS? Which CSS properties are a part of it?
  2. What are Sass, LESS, and Stylus? Why do people use them? How does something like Compass relate to Sass?
  3. Name some online resources that you reference when having CSS issues.
  4. Describe what a "reset" CSS file does and how it’s useful. Are you familiar with normalize.css? Do you understand how they differ?
  5. What are the various techniques for clearing floats?
  6. What are sprites and why would use them? How do you go about creating them? What are possible alternatives to sprites?
  7. What are some accessibility concerns that come up in CSS?
  8. What is the difference between inline, inline-block, and block?
  9. What tools do you use for cross-browser testing?
  10. Say you found a rendering problem on one of your sites in Internet Explorer 8, which you have decided you are supporting. How would you approach fixing it?


  1. What is responsive design all about?
  2. Have you worked with a grid layout? What are your thoughts on that?
  3. What are the benefits of SVG?
  4. Explain what's going on in this CSS selector: [role=navigation] > ul a:not([href^=mailto]) { }


If you look like a good fit, we'll ask you to complete a couple quick front-end code challenges. Examples:

  • Fix the Sidebar
  • Convert Fixed-Width Design to Fluid

  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Real People
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