Born and raised in Petoskey, Michigan, Jana graduated from Petoskey High School in 2013 and is studying Creative Writing, Marketing, and Dance at Lake Superior State University. She will be entering her sophomore year this fall 2014. Jana became excited about the idea of working with Sungem because it offered her a new and exciting opportunity to practice her writing skills in a way that she hadn't been able to do before.

She hopes more people knew how important websites are for businesses. It doesn't matter what business people have, with so many people doing things on the internet these days a website is so important to have a great website. 

When not working with Sungem Jana love reading. In the winter she enjoys downhill skiing, in the fall she is all about apple cider. Spring is her favorite season because it is the perfect temperature to just be outside and read. Growing up near Walloon Lake, she spends most of her summer months there. In the future Jana hopes to travel to many places. On the top of her list is Finand. Being 50% Finnish, she has always been interested in their culture. She would also like to visit France, Italy, India, Alaska, Greece, and England someday.

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